Feeding my Stanhopea orchid with Magamp K

Trying to use slow release fertilizer with my only Stanhopea – Stanhopea jenischinana… Will it work?

November 2019 orchids update

New buds, humidifier and experimenting with Vanda tessellata (trying to make it bloom)…

Vanda insignis x Mimi Palmer – orchid in bloom 2019

This cross has a name – Papilionanda Paksorn Fragrance… Only two blooms this time, hope for more next blooming :).

Orchid in bloom 2019 Bulbophyllum Kalimpong

Bulbophyllum Kalimpong (guttulatum x ornatissimum), blooms every year in fall, no fragrance…

New orchid babies from Gabrielle Carson

Gabrielle’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5mJfIqscpmel_XVzA0Hp3w Blooming of catasetum mama plant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfukaILBfsA

Ecuagenera orchids shipment – my last order for 2019

Here is what I got from Ecuagenera: Phragmipedium Ingrid Portilla Coelogyne Lyme Bay Cattleya lueddemanniana ‘Cesar Fernandez’ x ‘Infierno’ Stanhopea jenischiana

October 2019 orchids update, new paph. stonei and couple more orchids.

… and pretty Phalaenopsis Kingfisher Tiger Passion bloom

Week of disasters and a vanda spike

Erwinia rot on paphiopedilum, black rot on catasetum. And spike on Vanda Mimi Palmer x insignis Helpful reference for orchid diseases: https://staugorchidsociety.org/culturepests-diseases.htm