New orchids from ResQuetzal

I received box full of orchids from ResQuetzal. Here is her channel Quetzal’s Orchids: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT1FVV_q6btsWbytvHJuBJQ

New orchids unboxing(kind of)

I purchased three new orchids from ebay: Dendrobium Hibiki Catasetum pileatum ‘Jumbo Green Gold’ Phalaenopsis Germain Vincent

New hoya cuttings from ebay and online store

I got 7 hoya cuttings. From “Cactus Online” store: Hoya ciliata… From ebay: Hoya bordenii Hoya callistophylla long leaves Hoya caudata Hoya heushkeliana yellow Hoya serpens Hoya wayettii

Orchid in bloom 2019: Dendrobium farmeri

My new Dendrobium farmeri opened first spike of flowers…

Bulbophyllum eberhardtii – orchid in bloom 2019

Large cluster of pretty blooms with no fragrance….

Hoya in bloom 2019: Hoya carnosa

Another hoya bloomed too, only one cluster, smells like chocolate cake to me..

New dendrobium orchids from Tropical Gardens

I got two new orchids : Dendrobium farmeri and Dendrobium findlayanum from Tropical Gardens Orchids…

2019 May orchids update: new spikes, bulbs, roots and keiki :)

Lots of things are happening with my orchids this month. Bulbophyllum eberhardtii is growing a spike and a bulb. Dendrobium scabrilingue is growing a keiki and two new bulbs. Aerangis biloba shows something like two spikes, or maybe two keikis.. Restrepia striata ‘Clouds Big Bug’ has another wave of blooms and Dendrobium aphyllum finally started […]