Orchid haul from NT Orchids

Here is what I got: Dimorphorchis lowii Dimorphorchis rossii Paraphalaenopsis layckokii

Vanda orchids update October 2020 – new spike and… seed pod???

I finally got a spike on Rhynchostylis gigantea ‘orange’. Arachnis labrosa somehow got pollinated and is growing a seed pod. Some losses from fusarium…

Hoya heuschkeliana yellow blooms and tour of my hoyas

Small creamy-yellow blooms with strong butterscotch fragrance – that’s hoya heuschkeliana yellow. And how my other hoyas are doing?

Neofinetia Benihime 紅姫 a.k.a. Vandachostylis Rainbow Stars

Benihime 紅姫 = Furan x Darwinara Charm = Vandachostylis Rainbow Stars

Orchids update September 2020

Some blooms and spikes and buds and new growths…

Neofinetia Shoujou blooms and new neos from Flora Peculia

I got some pink blooms and some new neos from Flora Peculia: Benimusou 紅無双 Kishutemari 紀州手毬 Kinginrasha 金銀羅紗 Kokyu 故宮

Paravanda Golden Delight

Paravanda Golden Delight = Paraphalaenopsis denevei X Vanda Suksamran Sunlight