Orchid haul from Crystal Star, got some blooms too :)

Another great shipment from Crystal Star orchid nursery…

New orchids from TG Orchids

Got some more nice plants…

Bulbophyllum eberhardtii in bloom

Easy to grow, it blooms every year… My favorite bulbo…

New orchids arrived, lots of them, got new vanda in spike!! :)

I got two parcels yesterday, from Crystal Star Nursery and Orchids in our Tropics. That was a lot to unbox and repot… Really impressed with Crystal Star packaging, 9 days in a box and orchids look awesome – fresh and healthy… Here is what I got. From Orchid in our Tropics: Rhyncholaelia digbyana Cattleya maxima […]

Samurai orchids – hunt for the spikes :)

Let’s see how many spikes I have on my Neofinetia orchids… Copyright notice: I used copyrighted music in this video. I don’t monetize my channel, so it shouldn’t matter, but let me know if it has some adverse effects on the viewing quality or if they put some excessive adverts, I will remove that music… […]

Phalaenopsis Kingfishers Tiger Passion rebloom – it smells like grapefruit :)

My last year’s purchase rebloomig for the second time and now I can feel the strong grapefruit smell, I love it!

Unboxing new orchids from Orchids in our Tropics

Here is what I got: Rhyncholaeliocattleya Chia Lin ‘New City’ AM/AOS Coelogyne lawrenceana ‘Whopper’ Paphiopedilum venustum Paphiopedilum charlesworthii

Hoya plants update, spring 2020 – some blooms, some buds and new leaves!

Plants featured in this video: Hoya carnosa Hoya bella Hoya vitelinoides Hoya caudata Hoya callistohylla Hoya erithrostemma Hoya rotundifolia Hoya serpens Hoya finlaysonii Hoya heushkeliana yellow Hoya thomsonii Hoya Flores Island Hoya ciliata Hoya fitchii

New Phalaenopsis orchids from Kingfisher Orchids

Couple more fragrant novelties sneaked in to my collection: Phalaenopsis Bedford Nonpareil Phalaenopsis AL Redsun Queen ‘Pylo’s Perfume’ AM/AOS