Dendrobium senile blooming

… and I am very proud of this single bloom :).

Dendrobium scabrilingue – orchid in bloom January 2020

My first “homemade” dendrobium blooms on Dendrobium scabrilingue. Grows inside the glass tank under T5 HO lights, potted into small clay pot with sphagnum moss…

December blooms, buds and spikes on my orchids

Sophronitis cernua is blooming Phalaenopsis Kingfishers PK Passion is blooming Dendrobium scabrilingue is growing two buds Catasetum pileatum started a spike(I think) Dendrobium senile is growing a bud

Feeding my Stanhopea orchid with Magamp K

Trying to use slow release fertilizer with my only Stanhopea – Stanhopea jenischinana… Will it work?

November 2019 orchids update

New buds, humidifier and experimenting with Vanda tessellata (trying to make it bloom)…

Vanda insignis x Mimi Palmer – orchid in bloom 2019

This cross has a name – Papilionanda Paksorn Fragrance… Only two blooms this time, hope for more next blooming :).

Orchid in bloom 2019 Bulbophyllum Kalimpong

Bulbophyllum Kalimpong (guttulatum x ornatissimum), blooms every year in fall, no fragrance…

Orchid blooms, new growths and odd things

Dossinia mormorata x Macodes sanderiana ‘Thor’ blooms. Dendrobium scabrilingue grows two keikis(I think). Neofinetia falcata ‘Keiga’ blooms at really odd time. Dendrobium senile grows something weird.

New orchid babies from Gabrielle Carson

Gabrielle’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5mJfIqscpmel_XVzA0Hp3w Blooming of catasetum mama plant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfukaILBfsA