Orchid Whisperer

My Calcium/Magnesium Experiment!

My 3 month experiment using calcium and magnesium supplements.

New bark and blooms!

The new bark I repotted Einstein in, my first rebloom in my Intenscity mini phal, new spike on Phal Pink Twilight and closeup of Phal Magic Art.

My favorite products for orchid growing.

My favorite moss, bark, water, fertilizer, supplements, pots, and monitors for orchid growing.

How I’m fertilizing and using calcium and magnesium with my water culture orchids.

How I’m fertilizing and using CalMag and Epsom salts with my water culture orchids. Thanks to my friend Caroline for my opening greeting!

March Blooms!

Orchid IDs in order of appearance: Phal Magic Art, NOID mini Den, Phal Marianne, Phal Legato, Phal Star mini (NOID), Phal Cool Breeze, Phal Blond Beauty, Phal Baldan’s Kaleidoscope, Dtps. Brother Cortez Red ‘Caribe’, D. Burana Jade Fantasy #9, White Den NOID, NOID Panda Den

Watch me water my phalenopsis orchids in moss and bark.

This video includes an addendum at the end on how I drain the orchid in bark.

Semi-water culture care and updates. Root growth and spikes. Subscriber questions.

In this video I give updates on issues with semi water culture watering care, how I water orchids growing in bark media in opaque pots, and answer viewer questions