SHARON SHORT' Orchids and Garden

End of January Orchid and garden update

Including, propagation spike progression and garden fruit growth. Happy growing.

Orchid and Garden Projects

New and different methods for potting Orchids and planting seeds for my favorite garden flowers. Happy growing.

2020 Jan Orchids and garden update

Back back home from holiday and both garden are full of surprises. Happy growing.

Orchids: Mid December East Orchid and garden update

New acquisitions, blooms and a hummingbird feeder invasion.

Orchids: Happy Thanksgiving at the Home Depot

Angreacum Alabaster ‘Williamsburg 76’ EOY Treasure find.

Orchids: Paperwhites and the WOG review

Potting Paperwhites and a WOG update. Happy growing.

Gardens: Does anyone have an idea???

..what type of plant this is. Thanking you in advance. Happy growing. It’s a cacti succulent Firebird aloe.