SHARON SHORT' Orchids and Garden

Orchids: Part One. Paphiopedilums, A Closer Look..

A look at each Paph for fan production and flower spikes. Happy growing.

Orchids: Another Great Tip!

What a surprise bargain of Paphiopedilums . Happy growing.

Octobers Orchids and Garden updates

A quick look at some sheaths, buds, new-growths and October orchid progress. Happy growing.

Orchids: Blc. Hsinying Williette #15

Anticipation…it’s making me wait! Happy growing.

A Full Day of Out and About and Hustled by Two Walmart Cashiers!

People!! be very careful of being interrupted by strangers while at the register paying for goods and services. Hustlers are out to get you one way or the other! With me, they were after my credit card while at the terminal transacting. One cashier approached me from behind, making me focus on what she had […]

Orchids: A New Orchid and Garden Media/Medium

Taking advantage of the coconut husk during the summer months when temperatures were excruciatingly hot and dry. This product saved the day and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy growing.

Orchids: Unmounting Cattleya Walkerianas.

They were not happy with be on the greenwall, being watered by the the hose. They much prefer being watered with rainwater. Did Unmounting of four Walkerianas and potted them in husk and charcoal in hopes they’ll improve production. Happy growing.

October 12, 2020 Sad Times and Searching for some Happiness.

Found some relief from the sadness of dealing with a family emergency but the pain lingers…Prayers for Mr. Short are definitely appreciated. Happy growing and stay safe.

Orchids: Better-Gro Orchids, Late Delivery Vendor Tip!

Opportunity knocked and I answered. I got first pick at some incredible Cattleya. Happy growing.