SHARON SHORT' Orchids and Garden

Enjoying the ♥️♥️ in the Orchid garden

Mounting, potting and bird watching today in the garden. Happy growing.

Orchids: September-What’s in bloom, bud and sheath.

Enjoying the flowers, sad, some have to go, But looking forward to next seasons delights. Sorry, I had copy write issues, had to edit the sound. Happy growing.

Orchids: My forgotten Sanserveria

Time to repot, in hopes of flowering next season. Happy growing.

Orchids: 9.1.2019 Hurricane Dorian update

Weather warnings issued. Getting darker wind is picking up. Stay safe everyone.

Orchids: Sharing my prayers and thankful for a wonderful day.

A stroll in the community with my heart full of thankfulness. Have a wonderful day.

Orchids: Mid August garden stroll 2019

Orchid Review of what’s in spike, bloom and new growths. Happy growing.


First time blooming. Happy growing

Orchids: Remarkable find in my East garden

Epiphyllum Queen of the night is in flower for a first time video and you are not going to believe what has occurred in the EOG. It is the second found today! Happy growing.

Orchid: Extreme Grammatophyllum bulb regrowth

Bulb found today in the EOG top severed, both peices potted. Hoping for the best. Happy growing.