SHARON SHORT' Orchids and Garden

Morning Sunshine and have a Great Day!

A fresh bouquet of flowers to start the day. Happy growing.

Flowers: My on the way to work Publix Produce department flower bouquets

Brighten up my post construction renovation work space. They really do help me feel better, until the renovations are completed.

Orchids: End of October update

Epiphyllum Oxepetalum Queen of the night blooming stages. Happy growing.

Orchids: Orchid Cactus in bud again

Epiphyllum Oxepetalum Queen of the night is in bud again. What an awesome plant. Happy growing.

Orchids: Early October Orchid and garden update

A look at spikes, buds, keiki and propagations. Happy growing.

Orchids–On my way to work Phals.

One sale at Publix. Buy one get one! Happy growing.

Enjoying the ♥️♥️ in the Orchid garden

Mounting, potting and bird watching today in the garden. Happy growing.