Wade's Orchids

A Greenhouse Tour June 2020

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a “tour” video. I hope this is worth the wait. I’d like to thank all of you who have requested this as well as other videos

Mounting Orchids

Many orchids need to be mounted to be at their best. This is a demonstration of mounting an Angraecum didieri. There are also tips on mounting orchids with other needs. As I mention in the video, mounted orchids typically need humidity over around 70% to do well.

December 2019 Greenhouse Tour

Merry Christmas to all! I hope you enjoy this tour. I had some problems and had to edit this twice because the save file corrupted but at least I had the original copy.

September 2019 Greenhouose Tour

Summer’s end beckons the start of the Catasetum season, a family of plants that go dormant during winter. Habenaris are in bloom which also go dormant during winter. These are both good for growing in homes where the winter’s heat causes humidity to plummet.

Dividing Grace Dunn

This video shows how to divide and repot Catasetum alliance plants. It also shows a lot of the cultural methods that I used with Clowesia Grace Dunn ‘Looking Glass’ that received a 92 CCE/AOS in January this year. Hope you enjoy it.

Repotting Dormant Habenarias

Habenarias are extremely easy to grow and bloom with one caveat: the go dormant in the fall and stay dormant through winter. I made this video to show how easy it is to repot the dormant tubers.