VANDA • Giant, mature KEIKI in flower

Vanda Mimi Palmer x V. tessellata… There are numerous indexd vids showing the plant from day-1; its previous flowerings each year and the severing of the crown portion of the stem from its base section which is now mounted on to a driftwood log.

The plant has overcome much of her previous fungal infection, or at least well under control as seen on newer growth of the crown and keikis… and, of course, flowering.

A few of the most mature keikis from the base section have been cut from the plant and are being maintained in Rio, Oostende, Napoli and Miami, as previously mentioned — with two of those keikis forming their own keikis (Rio and Miami).

Though the plant is in a very slow decline, she is fighting… and I may wind up severing virtually all of her foliage in the sections of healthy roots and let her decide what she wants to do…

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