Vanda Orchid Care for Beginners, Watering and Fertilizing Vanda Orchids, Orchid Diva

Hi Guys and welcome back to my channel! This video is all about Vanda Orchids. How to care for them water and fertilize.

Here is some info about Vandas…
They are actualy called Vandaceous Orchids. They will bloom anythime of the year given warm temperature, along with high humidity. Temperatures between 50 and 95F will allow Vandas to grow.

-Bright but filtered light is ideal.
– Water 2x a day morning and before 6:00pm. Avioid watering between 1-3 pm.
– Fertilize 1xweek when not in bloom and substitute with bloom booter every 3-4 weeks. Give plenty of water to remove build up salts.

Hope you enjoyed watching.

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