Vanda Orchids display makeover! – Affordable, practical and space saving stand

Today we finish the Vandaceous orchids updates and rearranging with the piece of resistance: a new display for my big Vandas!
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Before we go on, no I am not sponsored or endorsed by IKEA.. it just so happens that they have what I need 😛 now that we got that out of the way..

The new Vanda stand is yet another IKEA purchase from the Mulig series. This time it is a clothes rack that can totally fit all my Vanda collection. More info on dimensions here for the Imperial system and here for the Metric system.

I opted to raise it on 2 tables.. from IKEA.. the cheapest ones 😛 and so all my Vandas benefit from as much light as p[possible at my southern windows. Assembly of this rack is too easy to film 😛

In other news, I just received an Arachnis (not Renanthera.. not sure why that store listed it as an Arachnis/Renanthera) flos aeris! this is a Vandaceous orchid that I always actually wanted to have, but never got around to buying 😛

More on the Mulig shelf
More on the Socker stand
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